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Hydrogen Generators

A hydrogen generator for cars can save gas mileage and reduce emissions unlike any other gas saver on the market. A hydrogen generator can also be a devise used in both the welding and medical fields.

Hydrogen on Demand Kit
Premium and low cost hydrogen and oxygen genrator (HHO) kit for your car, truck or other vehicle to increase mileage, decrease emissions.

Hydrogen Generator
Hydrogen Generator

The type of hydrogen generator that we refer to on this website are the ones used in cars to supplement the fuel used in an internal combustion engine. This type of hydrogen generator use water and electrolysis to create two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen. The hydrogen and oxygen are then separated

The hydrogen generator then injects the H2 into the vehicle's intake system where it helps the gasoline or diesel fuel burn more cleanly and completely. This is done because hydrogen burns at a lower temperature than gasoline.

In addition, the car either automatically or manually through its onboard computer system will lean the gasoline and air mixture to accommodate the hydrogen gas. This means less gasoline is being used and thus increase gas mileage.

A hydrogen generator can come in several different varieties. Some people use the term hydrogen generator and HHO gas generator interchangeably. On this website use these terms interchangeably except for one page where we will make a distinction between water (H2O), oxyhydrogen (HHO) and hydrogen (H2) in order to fully explore the differences and similarities in technology.

The reason we use the terms HHO and hydrogen fuel injection interchangeably is because before we ever came around the biggest players in the market decided they would do this. For instance, two of the largest sellers of hydrogen fuel injection technology listed on the National Hydrogen Association website actually use HHO gas injection instead of pure H2.

The bottom line about hydrogen generators is whether a person installs an H2 only or an HHO gas unit.

Both technologies save gasoline and reduce environmental emissions. If you're a fan of green technology then you'll want to get a hydrogen generator today and start saving the environment, not to mention the pain in your wallet every time you pull up to the gas pump. What are you waiting for? Get started now.











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