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HHO versus HFI

Oxyhydrogen (HHO) is the gas created when water (H2O) is electrolyzed. Hydrogen fuel injection (HFI) is when the HHO is separated into its components of hydrogen and oxygen and only the H2 is used inside the car's cylinders for combustion.

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HHO Generators
HHO Generators

Many websites including ours will use HHO and HFI interchangeably. We regard HHO generators and hydrogen generators as the same beast. To some people, however, they are very different so we will explore those differences here.

We use the terms interchangeably because, before we came around, the biggest players in the industry were using these terms interchangeably. In fact, the Canadian Hydrogen Energy Company, Ltd., a member of the National Hydrogen Association (NHA) has a product it calls Hydrogen Fuel Injection (HFI), which is in fact HHO fuel injection.

Another member of the NHA, Hy-Power fuel also says it has a "hydrogen insertion device" which is in fact HHO insertion. Now, there are some manufacturers who have developed pure hydrogen injection systems that take the HHO and separate the hydrogen from the oxygen and only inject the hydrogen into the vehicle's intake system.

According to one manufacturer this has several benefits. The first benefit is that pure hydrogen, they claim, tends to corrode less than HHO gas. In addition, the same manufacturer also claims that when using pure H2 the vehicle's onboard oxygen sensor doesn't have to be tricked as in HHO gas injected vehicles.

The theory is that introducing HHO gas into the vehicle's intake sets off the sensor that too much oxygen is going into the vehicle's cylinders so the computer makes the gas mixture richer. This can actually decrease fuel mileage on HHO gas injected cars until the sensor is told to lean the mixture of gas to air, which is where drastic fuel mileage savings can be had.

When running pure hydrogen, the theory goes, the onboard oxygen sensor is not told to make the gas mixture richer so this is one less component to worry about when installing a hydrogen fuel injection unit.

Of course, this could also be just a selling point of the HFI crowd wanting to separate themselves from the HHO crowd. So, far I haven't seen hard evidence to support the claims and when you're dealing with proprietary manufacturers you'll be hard pressed to get hard information on this one any time soon.











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